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1949 Buick Super 4dr restoration project


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  • 4 months later...

We had some great fun with the '49 in the last week.

First, on September 3rd, we helped a local fellow car enthusiast celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of his parents, Louise and Chris. They were married in Brooklyn, NYC on 9/3/1949. Their son, Joe, contacted me at a car show last February and recruited me to help with the celebration by transporting the happy couple from their home in Sun City West to a local resort where a large number of family and friends from all over the country were waiting to celebrate the event. A total surprise to them, Louise and Chris were transported in the 49 Buick to the event. The magnetic sign on the trunk of the Buick helped to announce the event to passing motorists as we were traveling to the resort and there were a lot of celebratory honks, whistles, and thumbs-up from cars that passed us along the route. In the photo, you can see the youngsters just after they arrived at the resort to meet with family and friends.


As a side note, records indicate that the Buick was assembled in the Southgate, CA plant in September 1949. A marriage and car still here and going strong 65 years later.

Then, on September 5, we attended the 10th Annual Flagstaff Route 66 Car Show in Flagstaff, AZ and participated with a field of 450 cars. We were please to receive a Participants' Choice Top 30 award for the Buick. The Best Buick award was lumped in to a Best Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac award which went to a '68 GTO - which was a very nice car.


This car show has been a premier event in Arizona now for 10 years but sadly, we learned that this will be the last year for this event. In talking with some of the Flagstaff Route 66 Car Club members we learned that the City of Flagstaff authorities have been less than cooperative with the club in the past several years and it has become just too difficult for the Club to have this event. This is unfortunate. Some of the issues may also revolve around complaints from merchants that the car show wasn't increasing their sales enough to offset the inconvenience of downtown street closures for a day. It was my dream to participate in this car show and in the seven years it took to complete the restoration, it was foremost in my mind. Now I find that I am "one and done." Something for us all to contemplate. Car shows are not easy or cheap to plan and execute.



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