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Looking for correct brake shoes for 1937 Pontiac


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I have the rears off a new to me 37 Silver Streak slant back. Of course the parking brake cables are corroded solid... maybe we'll need to post on that later. Anyway, local Car Quest and NAPA don't have books that go back to 1937 any longer. I tried selecting by size - 12 inch diameter, 1.75 width and based on images I selected a size 30. NAPA got them in for me and they were a little short and the hole on the adjuster end of the shoe is toward the lining (outside). What I took of had the adjuster spring hole toward interior and I was afraid the spring to the outside might get in to the drum or something. Anyone have an "old" NAPA book or can steer me towrd correct shoes? Might as well figure out the front axle as well.... Thanks in advance for your help!

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