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whats the best way to get a wire from the trunk to behind the cassette player?


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Guest RaverReatta

Well, no matter what you're going to be doing some digging (mainly behind the dash) to get to where you want to go, but I noticed that the headliner and front plastic pillars are very easy to remove (2 screws and a little bit of pulling and you're done), so it may be somewhat easy to go over the top and into the dash, that way you don't have to go taking a million parts on the bottom of the interior out.

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I ran a remote wire and a aux power to my subwoofer in the back (before it met an untimely death) in my '89. I ran the power line through the firewall close to the shifter cable. then went down throughout the console and came out the back behind the seat. Then I removed the back trim panels around the speakers, and ran it back behind those.

I was able to wedge the line between the plastic cargo bins and the door jamb and get it pretty well hidden.

Same with the remote wire except I just started at the fuse box in the console.

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