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Dimensions of 52 Buick Gauges


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Is there anyone out there that can tell me the inside diameter of the instrument bezels on 1952 Buick Speedometer and other gauges?

(In other words' date=' the diameter of the glass that shows)

What years would these gauges be common to?


If you say it's a 1952 Buick instrument panel, it's from a 1952 Super (50 Series) or Roadmaster (70 series) . . . . . a larger speedometer with two smaller gauges . . . . . typical of all 1950 series Buicks, and 1951 thru 1953 50 & 70 series Buicks. There are many variations on the lettering, needles, arrows, background colors, etc. on the speedometer and gauges; top speed shown on speedometers might also differ.

1951 thru 1953 Buick Specials (40 Series) have one speedometer and one quad-instrument gauge, side by side, both the same in size.

Here are the dimensions that you are asking for, taken from my 1953 Buick, Series 70, instrument panel, similar looking . . . . .

Speedometer: 4.625" (4 5/8") of exposed glass.

Other two gauges, AMMETER/THERMO and GAS/OIL: 3.000" (3") of exposed glass.

Only 1953 50 & 70 series speedometer and gauges are OEM 12-volt.

Hope this helps.

Al Mack

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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