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New problem: Red brake warning light and yellow ABS warning light lit at the same time.

Guest astro355

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Guest astro355


-ABS light has been lit since I bought the car.

-Red warning light lit this morning intermittently (on at least 90% of the time)

-Car brakes the same as since the day I bought it, doesn't pull to either side.

-CRT displays a low pressure detected to at least one wheel message.

-Fluid level is the same since I bought the car.

-No evidence of leaking brake fluid is present.

-Something is missing from the parking (emergency) brake setup, when you try to engage it, the brakes do not engage and there is no tension on the parking brake pedal.

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Does the brake warning light stay on all the time or just just come on for a few seconds when you first hit the brake pedal? If just comes on when you hit the pedal it could be caused by a bad accumulator. Take a look at this section of my website, specifically the accumulator test.

Reatta Owners Journal - Brakes - Mechanical

As for the parking brake; you do realize the parking brake requires you to pump it several times to set the brake. 2-3 is normal.

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When I had my brakes flushed, the shop didn't fill the resivoir correctly. I did the brake test, then filled resivoir to correct level, curing my intermittant "red" brake light issue. However as Ronnie states it most likely is the Accumulator.

If you haven't do the brake test and report back with your results. Test can be found at Ronnies website.

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