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Help - 1931 u124 Truck Wheels


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Last weekend got ready to blast the wheels on my 1931 u124 Express pickup. They are 20" wood spoke. I assumed that once I removed the hub bolts, the brake drum could be removed like on my 1930 with steel wheels. How ever, the brake drum appears to be welded to a hub. I did a little gentle tapping a prying with no success. I dont want to dis-assemble the outer hub and spokes, just the brake drum for cleaning and paint. Can someone tell me the proper way to do this? Thanks.

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Ok I see it, a hub and a drum, first page right after the index, dosent look any different than whats on my car. You might want to post some pictures, especially when trying to figure out something that just does not look quite right. Its tough to visualize what you up against without pictures.

I get it, the hub appears welded to the drum....why would the hub be welded to the drum? Could it be that the spokes are so elongated/worn out that someone thought this would be a quick fix.

Please post some pictures and lets try and get to the bottom of this.

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Ok George, as per our conversation I looked into this a bit and might be I was mistaken in what I thought you said but I do see a front wheel hub assy Part No 304661 listed and a Brake drum assy ( No 306299 Domestic ) listed as seperate units as per the model specific U-124 / DA-124 parts book.

Just out of curiosity I went to the 29-39 Master book ( looked up the hubs ) and they list the same parts but the rear hub assy carries a superceded number but clearly describes both 4 cyl 124 and DA 6 cyl as using the same assy.

Even more interesting I went to the 14-33 Master book and they list a WHEEL AND HUB ASSY LESS DRUM U-124 / DA -124 series front Part no 305737 Qty 2

You could also buy a wheel only less hub and drum. Many variations of this is listed as well

Will add if something else arises

I got nuthin else. Cant imagine why the drums and the hubs would be welded except as I mentioned someone was afraid of the hubs shifting on drums because of excessively heavy loads.

Look forward to some pics

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Finally got around to the wheels again. Here are some pictures. They are not welded. What I thought is just a chamfer in the pressed brake drum. What is still puzzling me though is that I cannot find a seam where the drum and hub come together. I believe it is where the drum is pressed to the hub. Hovever, one cannot find a seam there let alone get a feeler gauge in the seam. The wheels are tight, I might just leave enough alone.






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Well you figured out that the hubs were not welded to the drums, this is cause for celebration in my book and I dont really see where you have any problem now even more reason to celebrate. Nice that you are making progress

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When you have time and the interest we need to look at your numbers again, I am always reading new things so my knowledge and understanding is always growing and talking with you guys does nothing but help.

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