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Body By HMCo = Hercules Mfg Company ?


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In Taking apart my 1930 Chevrolet Universal AD - Canopy Express Truck I noticed inside the Cowl on both sides, lower metal was Stamped "HMCo" from discussions and research it seems that this would designate this as a Hercules Manufacturing Company Body ??

This baffles me a little as it was my understanding that the Trucks came from Chevrolet included the Cowl forward (Cowl, Hood, Radiator) as well as the Chassis (Frame, Driveline, wheels, Suspension, and Brakes) So why would the cowl be stamped with "HMCo" did Hercules or Chevrolet change out the cowl to a Hercules model when the Express body ws installed ?? I also noticed that there are Four Hinges on each door, and that the doors and cowl are pretty stright up and down, not contoured or curving in at the bottom like I have seen others, with a longet hinge at the bottom. All four of my hinges are of the same length and construction.

Does anyone have any Hercules Information for the 1930 models ?!? Would grealty appreciate it.

Pictures of the Stampings:

HMCo Pict 01

HMCo Pict 02

HMCo Pict 03

HMCo Pict 04

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