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Nos Autolite distributor??

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Hello, im new to this forum, i recently found a NOS Autolite 6cyl distributor, number on tag is IGC 4722 1 Y ,I looked up the number on the cap (IGC 1107) and rotor button (IGS 1016B) and it says they where from the 1930s- 1942 but unsure what vehicle used it? It has a tag Contenintal Motors Corp. Any help would be apreciated.

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(1) can't make out on my set what the numbers etc?? are above "Cont'l Motors" on tag; PLEASE ADVISE...

(2) Have Shurhit catalog #81 (cars generally 1930-42, some mainline trucks, nothing else) and it's not in there...(relatively poor coverage)...

(3) does show in dist list in 1950 Motor Truck/Tractor (covers 36-49 mostly over-the-road trucks, some tractors, the major ind'l engines, incl some Cont'l, used in covered vehicles;

(4) NOT in dist list in Motor car manual covering 35-42.

I'd guess--repeat, guess--it's for one or more of Cont'ls "industrial" engines...truck, ag/farm eqpmt...per it's inclusion in the Trk/Trtr manual, BUT I don't know if that list limited to dist's used in covered vehicles/engines or whole prod/ in use list at that time.

Those numbers etc above "Cont'l" on the tag might be the clue...

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Okay thanks! the numbers on the tag are Part number. F226M.309, what has puzzled me is the rotor and cap numbers number showed up for a 35-39 dodge chrysler studabaker nash etc. What would be the value of it?



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Well as Pinky109 says it is for a Continental engine model f226 and this engine was widely used. I agree with him that this distributor is for a "industrial" engine. I cannot find any cars that use this distributor. The reason that the rotor and cap numbers number showed up for other cars is that the Autolite "IGC" series of distributors was used by a number of car companies. They all would share the same rotor and cap. The difference would be in the advance curve, housing and drive gear. As matter of curiosity Pertronix makes a module for this distributor, but does not give the app.

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Commodore is right on; that said, I have no idea what the "M" etc part designates.

Cont'ls 226 was produced in the period they were using different designations for differing types of usage--the 6cyl 226 was the F6226 in the "automotive" version (Possibly Kaisers and Frasers, some later Checkers??, smaller trucks, forklifts etc), F226 in the "industrial" version (tractors, ag/farm/const eqpmt, incl forklifts,welders, gensets ad nauseum) and PF226 in the stand-alone power unit version (engine, radiator, hood sheet metal, usually clutch or pulley, etc mounted on skidframe). It was one of Cont'ls popular workhorse engines, literally in everything from soup to nuts.

Don't ask me why both versions were used in some const/ind'l equipment; I don't know why.

There're also CF6226 and CFO6226 versions (the Checkers, flathead and OHV??)...

There're FO6226 (OHV) and FS226 (miliatary standard) versions, and probably others. Your "M" etc of the part number probably refers to some particular original installation.

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Casually reading this, I think Bud may have hit on it. Year's back, I was working on a 53 Willy's delivery, and discovered I could find part's if I got "out of the box" and looked for MJ along withCJ. As it turned out, the CJ was for civilian, and the MJ was for Military (keep in mind Willy's was Jeep at this point in time). Guessing...the "M" may be for military. Looking at it's great condition, could be surplus. Were the Grease cup's pre-war?

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