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1927 chevrolet....part search.

Guest cajundood

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Guest cajundood

I have this 27 that i am trying to get back to 100%.


There is a plate that attaches to the intake of the carburetor that draws heated air from off of the

engine or manifold. i do not know what this would be called nor have i seen it on any other 27 chevys.

If anyone has one on theirs that could take a picture of it for me and/or tell me what it is, i would be most appreciative.post-87204-143139115928_thumb.jpg

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Guest donhotrod

the intake of your carb is connected to a canister type warmer on the exhaust pipe I believe it may have originally gone to a filter that would have been mounted on the top of the engine you can see a photo of one of the filters on e bay search 1927 Chevy block IF YOU STILL NEED A Photo of the heater my car still has one I just buy bypassed the filter

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