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Does anyone know what brake linings I shall use?

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I have been thinking about changing the brake linings on my cars to get a better brake function.

I know that some of you have used lining material from McMaster.com, and, from what I understand, with good results.

McMaster have three different qualities:

Low friction for a smooth stop. Max. coefficient of friction 0.14

Medium friction. Max coefficient of friction 0.35

High friction for immediate engagement. Coefficient of friction 0.55.

What quality should I use on my President-31 model 80, on my Commander -32 model 71 and on my Rockne-32 model 65?

Should I use the same or different quality on the primary and secondary shoes, on all or one of my cars?

I hope someone can give me a good answer.

Thanks for all your help.


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Guest stude8

Some years ago I had the brakes on my 1930 President 8 Victoria relined by a shop in Algoma, WI by mail order. They did a very good job, quick turn around time and attached is a photo of how they looked when I received them. You can see they used a different coefficient of friction type material on the #2 shoes (red color). They worked very well after being installed.

The backing plate photo is the old linings that were a few years old that did NOT WORK good, they were a green color woven fabric material done by a Chicago, IL truck shop, they tended to grab very harshly when activated especially when turning a corner and the front wheel on the outside of the turn radius would grab so hard it would screech the tire. That was the reason for re-relining them.

I also added a set of Bendix brake adjusting instructions for 1930 President 3 shoe systems. Good luck on your brake job.








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