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1930 Dodge Brothers DD6 Business coupe Seat frame, springs, Risor

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This is a out of my 30 Dodge 3 window Business coupe. The wood on the frame is ok accept for the top piece going across is broken. The springs feel good and strong there are a few bends in the tin framing that can be easily straightened. The Risor or the piece that bolts to the frame and the seat mounts to it is in great shape considering how much of the bottom of the car was rusted away that I repaired. There is no rot through just surface rust with light pitting I would say $695.00 Plus shipping I may consider offers.

The last of what I am not going to use from this car is your welcome to make offers

Cowl Band this is from a Sedan it is wider and a little short for the coupe Nice condition will help measure to make sure it will work for you

Rear differential

30's HaDees Heater and one hadees body for parts and it was installed in the car when I got it.

Bolt on Dash piece has the copper center badge still

Gas tank straps

Head light buckets and bar

Drive shaft

Rear Leaf springs and brackets

spare tire carrier with a rim

rear tail light with license plate bracket may be filite hard to make out its painted not chrome

May have some other small stuff

ALL the rest went to guys who are bringing there cars back to original factory













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I know you offered the car to the forum and could not find a buyer here and I hear what you say about selling the parts to people who needed them but with something this rare I really think you should have made more of an effort to find it a good home or restored it as stock yourself. Of course you have the right to do what you want with your own car but if all you end up with is just another street rod then the chance you might have had of owning something really special is lost to you and everyone else - for ever.

Please do not take my comments as a personal attack; it's just that seeing your pictures of the seat from what used to be and what might have been again, a fine and very rare car has made me sad. Really sad. Please don't do it again.


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No Hard Feelings here Ray

Thats true I did offer it up and alot of people were out to butcher me to begin with and I asked alot for it with a BEST offer clause.Especially one guy in Florida and ask him were he got those nice red wheels for a great price under different name on ebay! But mainly because of the negative way most people were towards me like that guy. I dident even get an offer of $500. I had it for about a year before i even touched it. If someone wanted it and actually stopped being rude and a hater. Then I would have been very generous. I have alot of respect for older cars and the people who take care of them and restore them. I am sorry for the way it ended up but no one wanted it anywhere I tried and i could have purchased many other bodys or even worse bought a Ford and I would have been just fine. I just wanted some money to buy a car with a little extra for parts. So is it really entirely my fault No I offered it and was willing to negotiate or trade or do something. All I got was the "I have got more money then I could ever spend and more cars but I not buying this from you" crap! So maybe this is a lesson for all of us Work Together and stop the Hot Rod Hate Club Because preservation is as important as is the new age of these cars. If preservation is so important to you all then step up and be nicer to people and give them positive reasons to preserve something and not alot of greef. Round up some money between you guys and make a resonable offer to them. No one said hay can we have some time to find you another car you would be happy with or another body or something. Or can you give me a little time to get the money together. No or Stop the big shots with all the money that want everything for nothing. I myself just get by I have been taken and taken by the wealthy and its tiring! So I have to make every penny count. If I ask a dollar then it get chopped to 50 cents so an asking price is not a get mad and hate point its I time to work with someone. Sorry your sad! I didnt really want to do this and thats why i came here in the first place so when you point your finger remember there is three fingers pointing back at you.

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I hear you DD30. Please remember, I did ask you not to regard my observations as a personal attack. Hatred, or"bashing" as I believe it's called over there, is not my style.

You make quite a few valid points but one thing puzzles me. If this rare a car came up for sale in the U.K., it would probably have gone to auction and had people bidding for it. Clubs and forums are, I would suggest, not the best place to sell a car. We have already acquired our vehicles and for most of us one restoration project at a time is enough. I have had two cars in bits at one time and found it hard going. As to Club members getting together and building a fund with which to rescue cars at risk; the problem is always going to be for a committee to agree on a suitable candidate to be saved. There is also the problem of the vast distances involved. It has worked here in England but we only have a small country.

Being nasty to each other never has and never will get us anywhere. Wars are not won or lost - there always needs to be a political settlement in the end. Thankyou for taking the time you have in responding to my post. I hear everything you say but in the end a rare car has been lost forever. That is sad.


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Yes Ray Thanks I did post it on Hemmings Motor News Even sent Jay Leno an Email I know its not a duzenburg. During this time a 29 dodge coupe was on Ebay for $6500 OBO and no one had any interest in it.I watched my Dodge on craigslist for months before the price dropped I would have traded for that if it wasnt as rare as mine or for anything else . Yes and it is sad it is gone forever in the world of original cars but it will be a crown Jewel at the shows in My world were all people see is the same old Ford. Thank you for your courtesy and input.


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being at the right place at the right time is everything with old cars. Not being mean but I don't think even the best 1930 Dodge street rod would bring this amount.

1930 Dodge Brothers DD Six Images, Information and History | Conceptcarz.com

1930 Dodge DD Six 3 Window Street Rod 2 Door Coupe for sale in Wingo, Kentucky

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Two points I must bring up. #1-Bob Scafani is correct about the price being too much. #2-That "copper center badge" that you describe on the dashboard is the car's serial number also known as a FEDCO plate. I would not get rid of that since you will need that number to register the car.

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I understand you guys about the price. Since there are no examples of 30 Dodge Street Rods that have been up for sale. I can share something with similarities as far as body style. I watched a 1930 3 window chevrolet with a modified 235 straight six on ebay a month or so ago. It was chopped and lowered in a 50's style fashion the final bid on it was $47,000.00. Also a modified 33 Chevy sold for Dead on $50k. Take alook for yourself and see what the hot rods bring and you may be out looking to build a Hot Rod LOL.

The other thing is if you dont think a unrestored 1930 Dodge 3 window coupe is Worth $6500. Well then someone will need to pay the price to save the Rare Originals. I have seen Ford Originals sell for $12k plus on Ebay.As if those are rare NOT. I had seen a 31 Pontiac sell for $12,500 untouched and original running. Maybe you all need to get with times a little No Offense! if no one wants to pay for these to save them. The younger Hot Rod crowd is coming back strong and alot of guys with money young and old buy the really nice restored ones and Rod em.In the pics Mine looked alot better then it was. I made and replaced the whole bottom half of the body it was all bondo and rivited on sheet metal over uncleaned rust. who ever did a resto on it didnt bother to cut off the old rot just riveted and bondo to it. I did not realize at all how bad it was until I stripped it down. The frame had to be cut and partially replaced due to rust. Not looking for excuses just saying if I can Rod it I can restore it.

I have tried to read the copper Fedco Plate and its worn down or something. I have even done some types of ancient decifering methods and thats not working.

Thanks Guys for your input !

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I think Bob Scafani has just proved the point with the links he has posted. Two 1930 Dodge DD6 3 window 2 door coupes sold. The properly restored stock example fetching considerably more than the rodded one. Because they have become so rare, stock examples will probably continue to increase in value.

I think it is a shame that monetary gain has taken such a hold on our hobby but even from a financial perspective it would seem that the better decision would have been to restore your car to it's original condition rather than rod it. This of course in now somewhat academic !

Regardless of the fate of this particular car, I personally feel that the fashion for hot rodding has become so widespread that any attempt to put forward the reasonable argument that the practice is unsustainable, will fall on deaf ears. As Thomas Gray famously said:

"Where ignorance is bliss 'tis folly to be wise."

Have fun with your hot rod, but please don't try to pass it off as a Dodge. It ceased to be one when you broke it up.

No disrespect intended.


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Ok I should have paid more attention to Bobs links. SO if an original is truly worth so much then people here should have been jumping on it for what I was willing to take! Because there investment would have been worth every penny they put into it. So I did the right thing and brought it here first and the bottom line aside from all the issues NO ONE HERE stepped up and even tried to make a reasonable offer or trade. The bashers just went wild and this loss is on the " Preserveration Hypocrites" Not me! if you consider the red one someone could have bought that one and asked me to give up my extra parts or traded and put that one back to original. I asked alot for the parts but ultimatly most all were practically given away. I should have bought the red one! like I said before I would have traded or considered any offers, or held it for someone who truley wanted it. No disrespect intended. MY POINT HAS BEEN MADE Thank you

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You may have made your point, my friend, but I believe I have won the argument. The car in question somehow survived for eighty years until it had the misfortune to land in your hands. If this was just a one off event it would not even raise an eyebrow but it is as part of the wholesale destruction of our motoring heritage that your actions have made an impact. It is the callous disregard for originality epitomised by the hot rodding fraternity as a whole which has imparted a bitter antagonism between those who value old cars for their historical interest and those who do not.

Surely you would agree with the views expressed by the late Boyd Coddington who eventually adopted scratch builds. He could see that the limited supply of original vehicles made the practise unsustainable. Personally, I think that crafting all new hot rods from scratch is the way forward.


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I agree with you Ray There is a wholesale destruction of all cars in question. It was my decision to go ahead with the build. But I still did the right thing and made the effort not a callous disregard to its heritage . I wasnt looking for a Dodge to build it just happened over many weeks of watching this car on craigslist and several offers. I fallow the Hot Rod scene pretty well and I am certain because of the bitter antagonism most would not have given the opportunity to the AACA group to preserve it.

I agree with Coddington scratch builds would be great spoken from a pioneer in the industry of Hot Rodding. The same guy that also inspired the progression of Hot Rods and has plenty of money to do all the great scratch builds he wanted. His builds inspired my builds and many others its just he could afford to build from scratch. The new stamped bodys are financially unattainable for most all in my world. Even the fiberglass bodys are way over priced. Just replacement steel fenders are very expensive.

I did alot wrong with this situation as well as others here. We all fired away to quickly and I accept my part in it. But hopefully use this as a guide for the future. But I chose to come here alone in this. I was not part of a group such as few members of the AACA to fuel the fire. So hopefully preservation will be the efforts of the AACA in future situations like this one not War!

If I happen across another original car I will be here first giving the car the same respect it deserves before I put it up for all Hot Rodders and restorers to do as they wish with it.

Peace to all involved!


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Not going to argue with anyone here you can bet that but this is my opinion.

Bottom line here is that this was a complete car, original car for the most part, it got cut it up, all the parts were placed on flea bay for a high asking price, they never sold for this high asking price and after months and months of trying to sell the parts they were prob. sold for the maximum offer.

No-one here bought it, prob. because most of us here are average Joes living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to keep our hobbies/interests alive. Its a Dodge, its an everyday mans car, it never was a luxurious expensive car even when new so it will never bring big bucks.

Not the fault of anyone here for not buying it.

Should have just left it alone but now its done and when this sort of thing is done the only satisfaction anyone that appreciates and original antique car can get out of it is by knowing that the owner of these cars realize what they did was wrong, they can never truly enjoy the car because we all have an inner voice deciding for us the differences between whats right and wrong, trouble is many of us dont listen this voice and so we go our lives in the dumps because we are pestered with guilt.

Oh sure some try and justify their actions blaming everyone around them for the demise of this classic car but the bottom line is the only person that can decide what to do with the car is the person whos name is on the title.

The current owner of this car never came to this forum and asked for advice on how to keep it original, how to maintain it as was although I do see that he was at one point looking for some of the original parts to attempt to put it all back together. ( might be he was interested in keeping it original but more likely he thought it would bring more money complete ) I dont know why that did not last, I do not know why he gave up so quick, I could guess that it just was too much effort and we live in a now society.

It was shown here though as a for sale directly after that single post and IF someone dosent pay my price than I will street rod it.

Just go back to the last page of his prior posts, there were other members here that were just flabergasted at the posts being made.

If I remember correctly some of the posts were so far from treating people kindly when it concerned purchasing the car they were removed by AACA moderators.

Most of these cars will never be truly enjoyed, they willl be sold and only then maybe the next guy will enjoy it cause at least he did not do such a horrible deed.

This poor little old Dodge ( since this discussion is pinpointing this Dodge ) survived 80 some years and then one day someone got ahold of it that did not have any appreciation for an original car, when the car didnt bring the gobs of money that the owner thought it should it was altered in a way that is the furthest thing from its original designation.

Instead of leaving this poor old car alone and buying a shell of a Dodge somewhere else greed got in the way and this little old Dodge suffered.

All anyone has to do is read the very first post on this topic, 695 dollars PLUS shipping for a set of cushions and he MIGHT consider offers, what a rib!

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I agree with you on this, Jason, that it is not the fault of anyone on here for not buying the car. No matter what price could have been agreed, it still costs a lot to restore a car properly and even if it could be afforded, most of us have committed much of our spare time and money to our existing projects. It would also be unfair on our wives and families to give everything to restoring old cars. Anyone serious about selling a car should let the market decide it's value and offer it at a public auction with little or no reserve.

What is just as upsetting is this general acceptance that our motoring heritage is expendable. This is the same attitude which has led to the destruction of the tropical rain forests and thousands of animal species worldwide.


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