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1937 Pontiac Touring Sedan Value


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What is the range of value for this type of vehicle?

My father has this car and several others that need buyers. We are trying to gain information so that we may have a successful transaction. Any information would be helpful. Thank you very much.


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Go to a book store and purchase a magazine called "OLD CARS REPORT, Price Guide". These are estimates of a car's value based on prices reported for cars recently sold. These prices can be a little high as the market for antique cars is falling off. It is still better than nothing. About page 6 or so, they classify cars with a general condition to indicate an approximate value. The magazine gives a range starting at $800 for a car only good for parts to $16,000 for a car in new show room condition.

Another way to estimate value is to check EBAY to see what cars sell and the price. Just click the check box for "Completed Listings". Many cars are listed for greater the there value and that is the sellers right but they don't sell. When two or more buyers want a car in an auction the value can be inflated.

If you are looking for comments on this forum, take lots of photos including the interior, motor, and underside. Keep in mind, a picture is worth a thousand words. Please provide the town where you live and some one will probably volunteer to come and provide an estimate.

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