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what does OBAC stand for on a 1950 dealership new car invoice?

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any idea what OBAC stands for ?


jerry whitfield


Many moons ago there was a topic about oil bath air cleaners. This sort of stuck in my mind out of interest as I never heard of it before. I am quite certain someone with more knowledge will chime in here in time.


Peter J.

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I see the correlation of OBAC to "oil bath air cleaner", BUT this was the default type of air cleaner mechanism for almost every vehicle prior to the "dry element" air cleaners of the later 1950s. Remember the dual versions on many of the higher-horsepower dual 4bbl 1955 V-8s? Chrysler 300, Cadillac ElDorados, etc.?

Regarding what the referenced owners manual states, the filter element "mesh" is certainly NOT a "dry element" air cleaner, especialy considering that it must be re-oiled. I don't know what such an air cleaner would be if it were not some sort of "oil bath air cleaner", all things considered. But it could be that there were "normal" and "HD" versions of the oil bath air cleaner available.



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Guest Commodore

The oil bath air cleaner was an option on many cars. The standard air cleaner was an oiled wire mesh air cleaner.

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Guest Skyking

Oil bath air cleaners were standard on a Metropolitan, so were heaters, electric wipers, lighter and duel visors. Some manufacturers were still fitting their cars with vacuum wipers but not for the Met, starting in 1954. The original "Smart Car"

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I think it stands for "Oh boy, a chump!"

According to The Standard Catalog of Chevrolet oil bath air cleaners were standard on Chevys beginning in 1949. This looks like somebody got taken to me.

I think that the Standard Catalog is mistaken. I had a 1950 Fleetline DeLuxe that did not have an oil bath air cleaner. The air cleaner was a wire and mesh ring that you were supposed to clean and oil periodically. It was basically capable of keeping leaves and small birds out of the intake.

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