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1914-15 Odd Little PackardMotor Co Magazine Ads/Declarations?

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About a dozen little (about 11/4 inch high and seven inches long) Packard Motor Co ads/declarations in a business oriented trade magazine of the period named American Industries.

The mag was strongly (virulently?) pro-business and anti-organized labor. These have little quotations supporting business 'freedom", with the Packard Motor Co name and a teensy illus of the radiator saying "Ask the man who owns one" (magnifying glass required!).

No car illus (no room!!) these look more like declarations of company business principles than a car ad, altho if you consider only plutocrats read this magazine, these would certainly reassure those potential buyers that Packard was not pro-organized labor.

Curiosities more than anything else; each attached to several pages to show dates.

Price $5 plus MM mailing , probably another $2-3. Details Bud email or PM.

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