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1914 to 1916 and 1922 Pierce Arrow Truck Magazine Ads

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A batch of assorted pierce Arrow truck ads from American Industries, a trade magazine of the period. The 1914-16 ads:

26 back cover ads, about 1/4of page illus and balance text---these are on an almost pulpy paper, very fragile, should be put into protectors;

2 back covers, better semi-glossy paper;

2 back covers, glossy paper. A few duplications; all pages outlined in color lines, duplications used different colors.

The 1922 ads are eight 1/4 page interior page ads, no illus, text only, good paper, one duplicate.

Magazines originally half folded vertically for library storage before being bound in hardcover books, considerable creases in some of the pulpy covers, but good when flat; I long ago dismantled the books to save space. Price $20 plus MM mailing. Details Bud email or PM.

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