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WTB - 46 47 48 Roadmaster 70 Parts Needed

Guest rockyp

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Guest rockyp

Most of these are unique to the 4 door car, which i have. Some are universal to all Roadmasters.

I am only interested if what you have is in nice shape. For stainless, if it needs a buff that's fine, but no dings or dents or bends. For sheetmetal, if it's got some surface rust, minor pinholes, that's fine. If its rusted through severely, then i'm not interested. For the glass, naturally no cracks. Some of mine is not cracked, but 'bubbly'. I am looking for non-bubbly ones.

In addition to this list, if you have any NOS/VGC sheetmetal, chrome or stainless, let me know. I might take it.

- 1 hubcap

- wheel trim rings

- the trim strip, front fender, side

- driver's side front door, main glass

- driver's side front door triangle glass & trim

- driver's side, rear door, gravel shield (upper) & also the sheetmetal round-ish piece they bolt to which is attached to the door.

- driver's side rear door triangle glass, and trim

- pass side front door triangle glass & trim

- pass side rear door extension (round-ish piece that the scuff guards attach to)

- pass side rear door triangle glass trim

- open the trunk, on the right, where the spare tire goes, there's a valley. mine is rotted out. if yours is clean, and you're willing to cut out the trunk pan, i would take it.

- same for the inner rear fenders, forward side of the car, at the bottom, mine's rotted. if yours are clean and would be willing to cut them out, i would take them.

- center section of exhaust manifold, 320ci , uncracked

There's other various things i need as well. But this is the larger part of it.

Thanks all.

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1 hubcap

- wheel trim rings

These are available aftermarket. Also there are places that have glass patterns and can cut you new glass. Hemmings, under "services" is a good place to find glass cutters.That exaust manifold center section is also available aftermarket but if your is weldable your better off doing so. Lots of problems with the aftermarket ones.

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