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1915--?? Perkins (Massnick-Phipps Mfg Co) Engines

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A rather brief Googling finds mention of two "Perkins" gasoline engines, m'f'd by the Massnick-Phipps M'f'g Co, sometimes AKA "Massnick-Phipps" gasoline engines: a 25 HP four and a V8. These had no connection with the later Brit Perkins diesels. There's an old ad online describing the "Perkins V8, mf'd by Massnick-Phipps M'f'g Co".

A 1917 Burd piston ring catalog lists FIVE 1915 Perkins engines:

Models B and C, 4cyl, 23/4 bore, 2 ring piston, 3/16 rings;

Model R, 23/4 bore, 8cyl, 2 ring piston, 3/16 rings;

Model D, 31/8 bore, 4cyl, 2 ring piston, 3/16 rings

Model P, 31/8 bore, 8cyl, 2 ring piston, 3/16 rings.

While that catalog lists some as early as 1911 and many in 1917, Perkins are listed only for 1915; Massnick-Phipps or Phipps are not listed.

Anyone have an old engine book that mentions these?? They're apparently few and far between; several 1924/25/30 parts catalogs (my oldest after the 1917) don't mention them at all. Any comments appreciated. Many thxx!! Bud

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Got your email--thxx for heads-up...

Interesting about the Dayton-Crusader---Std Cat refers to Dayton with a Spacke. I understand Spacke did not build a 4 inline (please correct me if that's wrong) whereas the German Wiki shows the 1914 Dayton CycleCar with a 4cyl inline...

Then under Crusader (the Dayton became the Crusader) Std Cat says "...refinements were made...to take it out of the Cyclecar category. The four cylinder engine remained the same..."

Didn't have time to do any digging for more info...

Also couldn't bring the engine tag up clear enough on my set to read the engine model...pls adv what it says...

Haven't been back into the M-P Co; perhaps time to do a little more digging...

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