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AACA Car Judging

Guest Rice Burner

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An AACA award might help sell the car to someone who realises what it is and that it needs to be kept as it is. Too many people see a late-70s car and think "used car" or "this car needs to be donked". Please don't allow that to happen to such a beautiful and pristine example.

A 1979 Heritage met that fate here when its owner died and the widow had to sell off his cars to settle some debts. Last time I saw that car it had been donked and looked like warmed-over hell. Before, it looked as nice as yours.

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Guest Rice Burner

Hi Glen,

I have no intentions of selling this car to the "Tire Kickers" out there (locals), who are looking up retail prices in the Kelly Blue Book or the NADA Book. This simply is not going to happen, even though there are those that think it will.

I believe I know what a fair price for this cars as a classic/collectible and not a daily runner.

Either I get my price (or close to it), or I continue to make a hobby of showing it.

It cost me nothing but some appreceation of its original beauty for a 35 year old car.

I am not sure what you mean by the term, "Donked."

Thanks for the response.

John (Rice Burner)

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