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Another question from a new guy.

Guest drnittler

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Guest drnittler

If a new person starts out in DPC can he later on, at future meets, move over to Junior judging? What happens to the DPI badges? Thanks

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Check out Exception # 2 from the following text from the Judging Guidelines:

"A vehicle that has been DPC Certified cannot enter the Junior Class or the HPOF class.

The following three exceptions apply:

1. If the vehicle becomes eligible for HPOF since the change to the 25

year old rule for HPOF and had not been eligible at the time of DPC

certification, then the vehicle may then enter the HPOF class by advising

AACA and returning the DPC badge from the vehicle.

2. If the owner decides to restore the vehicle it can then be entered in the

Junior class when AACA is notified and the DPC badge has been removed

from the vehicle and returned to AACA.

3 . If after 10 years from the original DPC certification date the owner elects to

implement the Recycle option and returns the DPC badge that had been

on the vehicle."

And for a practical explanation of the process, read the following discussion:


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