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misc. buick parts

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For sale

1938 century sidemount fenders with covers

1939 grill

1941 buick grills tail lights fender speed lines park lights

intake exhaust 2x2 for 248 and 320

misc brake linings

some 1970 gs parts


What are your parts and prices for teh 70 Buick stuff?

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What are your parts and prices for teh 70 Buick stuff?

Hello, parts for 1970

3 brand new in GM boxes gs grills

fender GS badges nos gm

stage 1 badges fender nos

gs grill emblems

fender badges GS 455 nos

2 air cleaners

2 sets of stage 1 heads

1 set of stage 1 heads redone seats stainless valves

2 4 speed bell housings

2 fly wheels

1 pressure plate and clutch disc

1 set of pedals and linkage

3 stage 1 carburators #7040246

1 70 455 carburator

1 pair of 70 nos in box tail light lenses never used

1 pair used tail lights

70 head light bezels 3 pairs I think

1 70 stage 1 4 speed tranny

2 70 stage 1 auto trannys BB code on both

1 70 gs hood with grills and trim on front

70 hood latch and other misc under hood items

this is off the top of my head I think I have a list somewhere that has it all on it. But what are you needing wanting ? shoot me a price on what you would offer.

My 70 stage 1 was stolen by family members and I will never see it again and if I did it would be trashed and worthless anyway that is how they work sorry bastards. it had 76,000 miles had not been touched in 30 years all origanal matching numbers and I started to restore it and all I needed was to paint it put engine trans in and would of been a show winner as was inside all the time. But I got screwed badly never to talk to them again. thanks Jeff

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