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For Sale 1988 Touring Sedan

Guest 85CieraHoliday

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Guest 85CieraHoliday

I am selling my 1988 Touring Sedan which needs a restoration but is a complete car that was driven until last week.

The car is maroon with matching leather interior, factory alloy wheels, full console with real wood and factory bucket seats. The car has the 3800 V6 and 4 speed automatic transmission, both original with 149,000 miles on them.

The good: This car has no rot, never been in a serious accident (a couple of parking lot bumps is all), is complete, and has a strong powertrain.

The bad: The car needs paint, has a leaking windshield, needs brake work (no brake pressure), has many power window issues, and is in general need of restoration. The a/c doesn't work, the interior lights and door locks stopped working a few months ago, etc.

In the past 15,000 miles I have done the following:

New harmonic balancer, starter, battery, front and rear brakes, tires, driver side power window regulator (from GM), power window guides, egr valve, mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor, freeze out plug, coolant, and catalytic convertor.

I replaced the interior wood with parts from a Touring Sedan I found in the junk yard....you get both sets of wood with the car.

The car recently passed the CT emissions test and was registered until yesterday.

Included with the car are all repair records from my ownership.

This is a good car that needs a good home...if you want to part out/junk the car please do not respond to this ad.

Please contact me about price...it is very reasonable and flexible to Oldsmobile fans.

Any questions, send me a PM or email (drolds88@yahoo.com). Please help me keep this Olds away from the scrap heap!



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Guest 85CieraHoliday

Anyone interested in the car, please contact me! I can be reached via email drolds88@yahoo.com or phone (203) 499-8770. I just want this car to go to a good home. If you come and pick it up you can have it.


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