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1938 Special fuel pump replacement -- any hints?

Pete Phillips

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Working on a 1938 Special and have finally determined that the fuel pump is not working. I'm sure others have done this operation before on '38 Buicks, but I have not. The pump is in an area that is very difficult to access. Oil filter housing is just above it, road draft tube is just to the rear side, fuel and other metal lines and timing case are to the front of it, battery box is in the way. Are there any hints as to what should be removed to make this easier to get at? Should I attack it from below or above? Will be a messy job if I have to remove oil filter housing; battery box has only one visible bolt in front; there must be others,but probably rusted.

Any hints appreciated, and I will try to photograph the process and put together a technical article on it if I am successful.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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Guest Grant Magrath

Pete, attack it from below with a 1/4" drive socket wrench and small extension. My 2c!



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