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During my latest attempt at rescuing Oldsmobiles, the place I picked the car up was a little bit unusual. The place was located about 60 miles north of Houston and was very humid. The owner of the land is a collector of cars. He doesn't work on them, doesn't restore them and only occasionally sells a few parts. He just likes to have old cars around the property. There are no Model As, or Ts. He mainly has Buicks, Caddillacs and Packards, with a couple of Hudsons and a Pierce Arrow or two, mostly from the twenties and thirties. I quickly took a few pictures of the ones located at the front of the property but never made it to the back forty which is supposed to have another fifty cars or so. I was rather exhausted after loading my 1917 Olds up by myself in the ninety plus heat and humidity and didn't quite have the energy to walks another quarter of a mile to see the other cars rusting away. The guy is supposed to be building a shed to store some of them in but hes not in a big hurry. It makes me cringe a little bit to see these valuable cars and parts rusting away (as I'm sure most of you will cringe a little too). I am not sure I quite understand the motivation behind this kind of car collecting for yard art. He is still searching out cars to buy. While nI was there, his nephew cut the roof off of a late twenties Packard sedan that had been burned. Why I don't know.

Here are a few pictures.post-53524-143139109448_thumb.jpg





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Guest Texas Old Car Guy

John, you are right - anywhere around Houston, TX is really humid and just about anywhere here in Texas is HOT. I've always heard that it rains twice a week in Houston...the first time Monday through Thursday and the second time Friday through Sunday.:) Even if the guy collected them as "yard art" and that's all he did with them, at least he saved them from the crusher!

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