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It's a Chevy, really???

Dan Marx

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Actually, this started well prior to 1955, I suspect. Just as "Cadillac" and "Caddy". And probably the many things "F-O-R-D" can stand for! Might also be extended into "When did earlier Fords become popularly referred to as 'flivvers'?". Plymouths and "Mayflower", etc.

About two years ago, some "high ranking, well-paid person" in GM wanted to ban the use of the word "Chevy" in reference to the Chevrolet brand of vehicles. On the surface, this might have just indicated how "in touch" this person was with the brand of vehicles he was overseeing the marketing of. It created a BIG firestorm of controversy and the "rule" was rescended. Never did hear how this guy's career path might have changed.



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Probably about 3 days after Chevrolet cars became popular. I have seen a reference in about 1936 to "my fast running little Chevy". It is an obvious contraction or nickname. It may not have been used in print for several years after it came into use in conversation. Newspapers in those days either avoided slang, or did not use brand names except in the advertising columns.

I know of one case where a reporter toured India for a major big city newspaper using a Chevrolet and chauffeur furnished free of charge by the Indian Chevy importer. When he got back to Canada he felt a definite frost from the Chevrolet people which surprised him as he had made many complimentary mentions of the car in his dispatches. It turned out the editor cut out every single one of them. He had quite a fight with the editor to get fair play for the Chevrolet people, who he felt had treated him very generously. This too was in 1936 but was not the source of the above quote.

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