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I think I finally have almost all of the things that were non original features (and kept me from class judging) on my Hotshot fixed or changed. I think I might be ready to try for my junior on it. I see from the judging guidelines that "if the owner decides to restore the car" etc to notify AACA of the desire to change to class judging and surrender the DPC badge. My question is in a few parts.

1. Is what I have done (ie begin in DPC figure out what I needed to do and then convert to class judging) within the allowances of what the AACA allows??

2. Does what I did (ie fix numerous "non original" areas over a period of years and remove non original parts) fit within what the AACA would call "restoring the car"?

3. Who do I notify and surrender the badge to in order to do this?

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You send the badge to HQ. For $10 we can engraved it retired and send back to you. You are allowed to make the move from DPC but cannot go back to it for 10 years. Making the car better by fixing non-original items or just better workmanship, etc. is completely within the realm of class judging.

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