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1957 Mercury Monterey Phaeton Coupe

Guest lesingepsycho

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Guest lesingepsycho


New Member. Hopefully you can help my mother and I with a small stumbling block

My mother has a 1957 Mercury Monterey Phaeton Coupe 2-Door (body code 63A) that her Dad, my grandfather, bought new from the dealership. We have all the hand-written receipts, order slips, EVERYTHING for this car. My grandfather passed away several years ago and the car was given to my mother.

Here's the problem. She would like to have the windshield replaced because it has a large crack all the way top to bottom right in the driver's line of sight. We have checked in what catalogs are available, but are having a hard time finding a replacement piece of glass. I talked to some Edsel guys last year and they hinted that, while many of the windshields look similar, having the correct piece of glass for the correct year and body code was essential. I'm hoping someone here might be able to point us in the right direction. So far we have had one quote and the glass would be about $1200 dollars shipped. Then find an installer.

What do the experts say?



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One issue about Edsels is that some were built on "Ford" bodies and some were built on "Mercury" bodies, so that's why (on their side of things), knowing the model designation would be very important. There might also have been some differences in "height" between sedans and hardtops, as some brands were known to do back then.

Another consideration is the correct installation of the replacement windshield! It's certainly NOT a "glue in" as newer vehicles are! It's probably a "rope-in" weatherstrip, I suspect. Like Chevy pickups were for the 87 and prior model years were.

From what an associate who deals in '55-'57 Chevies said many years ago, you also need to check the thickness of the glass of the replacement winshield. At that time, there were some brands of replacement windshields which were thinner than the OEM factory production glass was. This meant it would not fit the weatherstrip correctly and seal correctly . . . plus the increased possibility of breakage during installation. This LAST point is why you pay a competent glass installer to do it!

It sounds like a VERY neat car! Congrats! As with my '58 Fairlane Town Sedan 4-dr, "You just don't see any of them anymore . . ."


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