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FOR SALE: 1941 160 Buisness Coupe


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That's right, 160 Buisness Coupe, model 1478.

Update, 2-21-13

Having gone through a few changes in direction, both personal and professional, I'm offering this for sale again. I've thought it over for weeks now and, well here it is. This car has it's original motor, Aero Drive transmission, several duplicate bit an pieces like multiple parking lights, maybe some extra gauge faces, several other things that were aquired through it's life. The only thing missing is the radiator. ONLY the radiator, as I do have the shutter assy and linkages, 4 grille sides, the core support and shell. I also have the sheet metal filler panel that goes behind the body between the deck and the bumper. The rear curved glass is in very good condition with no bubbles or yellowing. This is a real 160 with crank out vent windows and the garnish moldings front and rear with chrome strips in them. There's very little body issues to deal with. It does have the gratuitous rust holes in the bottoms of the sidemount wells, but not all gone. Still in shape, just some holes. Rust in the actual body appears to be limited to a couple minor holes where the rear fenders mount. I have most of the stainless strips for the fenders and both sidemount covers, aso have the radio antenna which functions correctly. I may hae 2 radios as well, will have to check on that. The 1478 buiness coupe never did have a back seat, but some time in it's life someone aquired a rear seat for it and it's included but not mounted. Again, it's not supposed to be there.

Rather than give an "obo" price, here it is: I'm firm at $13,500. I very confident that I could part this out for near if not over $20K, but wouldn't that be a crime considering there's only 2 known at this time, and believe me I've asked and searched via the 'net and ph for the last 3-4yrs looking for any others. I can deliver for my out-of-pocket cost up to 300mi 1 way, or something around $300.00 give or take a few bucks. I have other things for sale, if they go away in short order I my yet hang on to this. Based on last year's offering and now this, I think you can tell my reluctance to sell but I can't keep em all.

I can be reached in the following ways...

email: highlander809@gmail.com

ph: 734 637 1421, but please leave a voice mail if I don't answer. The shop is loud sometimes and I don't always hear it.

Pm here as well, but i don't get here as often as I used to. This is a very rare and fast Packard, a recognized CCCA Classic, an frankly what I think are one of the best looking of the 'wartime' Packards. Thanks for looking and don't hestitate to ask detailed questions.








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tough restoring car these day I have a 42 limo that need interior and paint, and finishing the wood work, I figure it be another 20k before it rolling without chrome work, like you say the parts are easily worth more than the whole, but a 1966 mustang cost 100,00 in 1966 if you one piece at time.

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Wouldn't a business coupe have a trunk that extended to the front seat?

to the best of my knowledge, the 40 and 41 business coupes use the same body as the club coupe, including the brace between the trunk and passenger compartment. The area behind the front seat is finished as a cargo area but not connected to the trunk. But there may be more expertise on this than I have.

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i am restoring a 41 coupe 110, would you consider selling the hood?


Post #7 says it's gone, sorry...

As to biz cpes, yes the rear seat area is finished as an open storage compartment. I never found a picture of the shelf equipment listed in the Packard parts book for these. One well versed Packard guy said it hung under the garnish moldings. A dear friend of over 30yrs owns it so the search continues for that part. I'm sure with pictures I could exactly duplicate what it was.

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