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'37 Buick VIN decode

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I have a '37 Buick Special. The VIN on the title is 03500DK200. The body number on the frame located by the right front wheel is 3164344. The engine number off the block is 43337997. This engine number also appears on the title. Can anyone tell me if all of these numbers match? Is everything original?

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The engine numbers in '37 started with 43166225 and ran to 43396936, so at least the engine is from sometime in '37. I don't know about the other numbers to know if they are from the approximate same time during the year - there was no "matching numbers" back then. If someone has the records to identify production dates for the body, chassis, and engine numbers, they can at least confirm the chassis and engine and body were made at about the same time.

Someone with access to those archives will chime in, I suspect. If you include tthe information on the cowl tag on the right side of the engine compartment, they can probably tell you the interior trim and paint as well.

Good Luck, JV

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