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Car Show pet peeves


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Just rolled in from a car show in Boston and it got my juices flowing. Not quite how you'd think though. Now why is it I see so many cars worth looking at and talking to somebody about... out in the parking lot! Now I love a good show. I'm a car show junkie, but come on guys.. if you've got a car, bring the thing in and let somebody look at it! Talk to you about it. If it's a four door post... bring it. If it's got a quarter inch of bondo in the fenders... bring it. If it's a '67 beater with a 455 station wagon motor in it... Bring it, Bring it, BRING IT!!! Hell, don't drive it to the show just to park it outside and look at somebody else's 100 point perfect show car, roll your own on in. Let other guys talk to ya! There ain't a thing to be ashamed of. And pop those hoods! Let's see those motors. I wanna SEE that thing man! My two cents.

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YEah, I feel the same way--My wife and I bought a '54 Buick Special specifically so we could have something to drive in with and park on the field, only so we had an easy place to keep the cooler and drinks. We park the car, grab the wagon and hit the swap meet. At lunch, we go back to the car and eat, then leave until it's time to go home. Sit in a lawn chair all day behind the car? No thanks.<BR>-Brad

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