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Ferro 4, 6, V8 and V12 Engine list??

Bud Tierney

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Do any of the old car-old engine books have a list of the Ferro car (truck??) stationary engines?? Not that I could afford one, but the library might have one.

Oldmarineengine has a wealth of info on their marine engines; the Googlebooks Ferro book covers their 1, 2 and 3 Cyl engines of the time, but it's prior to the time---1915-18 somewhereabouts---that they gave up marine engines and moved into auto engines.

Researching is complicated by their doing casting for other makes, maybe at the same time they were building their own, their continuing after giving up their own engines and their keeping their logo on castings for other makes.

I'm hoping to avoid a lot of work; all too often, after putting hours in, someone'll say "oh, yeah, that's all in X's book titled X"...

I haven't started to list the 4's (it looks like there were at least two marine 4s), there's a marine ref to a 6, at least 5 V8s and the V12.

Any comments appreciated!! Many thxx !! Bud

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ac: Had to go to Google to find Echuca!!

Ordinarily it'd be difficult to ID your engine, but it appears there're enough Jewetts around for a website: jewettsix.com. They'll no doubt be more than glad to hear somethings survived down in AU, or Oz, if you don't mind, and should be able to give you a positive ID.

While it's possible you have a Ferro engine, it's more likely you have Ferro cast into some part that Ferro cast for Paige-Jewett.

Standard Catalog Am'cn Cars 1805-1942 says Jewett (1922-27) was a little brother to the Paige (Paige was originally Paige-Detroit--Paige Detroit 1909-10, then Paige 1911-27). While it's not infallible, it says Paige built their own engines thru WWI etc, "...the higher powered Paiges of the twenties carried Continentals...". A 1936 parts catalog shows the 22-25 Jewetts with "own" engines but the 26-27 using some engine parts that matched some Cont'l engines.

I don't have any kind of Ferro numbers list, or any pic/illus of the reputed Ferro 6, so they wouldn't be of any help to me, but I would appreciate your advising what you find from the jewettsix people. Cheers, as they say; HTH (hope this helps). Bud

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AC: My apologies; I seem to've jumped to wrong conclusions...

I assume you mean the Ferro name/logo is cast quite prominently into the side of the block (on a 4cyl marine? engine it's enclosed in a fancy rectangle, the lower horizontal of the "F" carried thru the "ERRO", taking up at least 3/4 of the length of the block)...

When you say "another member" did you mean another member of the Jewett Six club/group, or another member of Grahampaige.com?? I neglected to mention grahampaige in my earlier post--Paige came into the hands of the Graham brothers, who named the new company Graham Paige and built Graham cars, and it's my understanding the grahampaige.com site includes the Paige and Jewett cars..

After posting my last reply I ran across an ad on prewarcars.com: A Ferro 6 cyl engine for sale in NZ, but I haven't made any inquiries...

If you haven't checked in with both the Jewett Six and the Graham Paige groups I'd still say it's the best place to start for a positive ID; if you have I assume you've emailed any/all numbers or letters cast or stamped anywhere on the thing.

If they've been no help, I'd suggest posting a pic of the engine, showing the logo, and listing any/all numbers/letters you can find on this site, on the Antq Cars/Trucks forum on smokstak.com, and on the Ferro forum on oldmarineengine.com---someone's bound to know about this/these engines... With sympathy, Bud

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AC: I thought I'd posted to this thread after my apology, but I apparently hit the wrong button...

It was to the effect I hadn't checked this site for earlier Ferro threads, and when I did I found your earlier (March 2012?) thread with the several nice engine pix, incl the "Ferro" casting pic you again posted above...

I thoroughly agree with the replies in that earlier thread: your "Ferro" casting is almost certainly because they cast the block, NOT built the engine as a Ferro engine...

For clear pix of a Ferro 4cyl, with Ferro cast prominently in the side of the block, see the "Ferro Four" thread on the Ferro forum on oldmarineengine.com; that also has an old ad showing the same name casting, but not as clear as on the green engine...

My advice as to sending your pix to the Jewett and Graham Paige people remains; they should be able to ID it if it's a Jewett, Paige or Graham Paige engine. Whatever it is, I doubt it could be called a Ferro; this would require Ferro having done the design, whereas, so far at least, they only appear to've been a subcontractor of components. Good luck.

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Guest GrahamPaige

Hello Aussiecowboy

Your engine sounds like a 6 cylinder Graham paige. My car is a '29 Graham Paige that came from Mathoura so there were these engines around your area. Could you post a picture?


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