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1937 -1938 Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge, Plymouth Convertible coupe parts needed

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I am looking for the following parts for a 1938 Chrysler Imperial convertible coupe (C19):

- Complete front seat assembly, including adjusters/slides, or very detailed photographs and dimensions of same from someone's car. The seat appears to be the same on 1937 and 1938 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler convertible coupes, possibly 1939 Plymouth convertible coupe as well. My car is missing the entire front seat assembly, so any leads or information would be appreciated;

- Rumble seat bottom cushion assembly (or detailed dimensions and photos as mine is missing); (same possible donor cars as above)

- Rumble seat interior panel patterns; (same possible donor cars as above)

- Coupe or convertible Left Side stainless steel door and rear body trim (I am missing the rear body piece from the door to the tail along the quarter panel, as well as the door). Chrysler C18 Royal or C19 Imperial coupe or convertible coupe trim works;

- Running Board stainless trim, top strips and side molding (any 1938 Chrysler Imperial C19 trim should fit);

- Convertible coupe door sill plate (good sample, pattern, dimensioned sketch and detailed photos, or whatever I can use to get new ones made - mine are missing).

- Horn button/horn ring springs and washers and contact plates for the optional banjo/chrome spoke steering wheel (same wheel as Dodge/Desoto/Chrysler) (I believe that the springs and contacts are the same as the regular steering wheel - I would be interested in a complete standard steering wheel assembly if need be);

- Passenger door window regulator assembly, including window channels, window frame, etc (or a complete door) same on 1937 and 1938 Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler, and '37-'39 Plymouth convertible coupes with one piece glass (no vent window).

- Windshield wiper arms, blades and blade guide rods that attach to windshield frame bracket, or detailed photos and measurements of same (all 1937-1938 convertibles are the same).

- Interior sun visors and rods/mounts.

- Pattern of the windshield header trim panel (where sun visors mount) or detailed photos of what it looks like.

Please send me a private message with any leads or details, or reply directly to this thread.


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