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1928 Stude President interior

Guest dalestern

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Guest dalestern

How is the interior held in place. I need to pull it all out for restoration, but I can't find any bolts. Maybe I'm delirious from the heat today, but I don't see any attachment points. Thanks. Dale

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Would need some pictures to help you figure this out, unless someone knows 1928 Studes well. If it's a 4-door seday, there's probably little if anything "bolted" in, all the upholstery was installed "in place", with just the seat cushions removable by lifting out.

A tudor sedan might have bolted in front seat or seats, as was common on many cars.

A coupe or roadster, same answer as four door seday, most pieces were installed in place.

It's possible the seat backrest or backrests are removable, in any case, with cushion removed, and two or three bolts behind where the cushion would be, remove bolts and the backrest would lift straight up (with clips on the back that slide down to install on body clips).

The rest of the interior panels have clips or nails or hidem welting, depending on body style and style of upholstery.

Good luck!

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