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Guest spinchamp

I have an axle and wheels from a vintange Buick (I estimate between 1924-1928) which I would like to sell. These came on a trailer I bought many years ago for hauling odds and ends. The trailer deteriorated about 20 years ago and the axle has just been sitting on my property since then. I would imagine the antique wooden spoke wheels alone are probably valuable. However, I know relatively nothing about antique cars and replacement parts, so I have no idea of the value.

The tires are Sears Allstate safety tread 4 ply CF2125 (4.40/4.50/4.75/5.00/5.25 -21) and the axle is 56" wide.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

I live near Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, so anyone who is interested would need to pick it up from there.

I have attached a few pics.






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There is not a lot of demand for parts of that age, and the fact that someone has to pick them up rather than get them shipped, decreases the potential market even more. Good wood wheels for Buicks of that age go for about $25 to $40 apiece at a swap meet. You might get lucky and be offered $100 for the whole assembly. When marketing them, you need to provide the wheel size/tire size & diameter because different models and years in that period used different size wheels.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas

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