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1931 Packard Wooden Artillery Wheel Lug Bolts

Tom M

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I am having new bolts made by the machinist my brother works with but he had asked me few question which I hope someone here could help me out with his question and concern.

Machinist questions. Like if they are hardened steel, #5 steel. He said he will make them out of SS but has a concern. Even though SS is a hard metal it will stretch if a lot of force is put on it. Let me know how you want him to proceed.

Thanks for your feedback and help

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Left Bruce a message and he called me back with-in the hour. What a very pleasant person to talk to. He has email his catalog to my home email. I will look it over tonight.


He stated he uses 303 stainless for the lugs. 3/4" is the hex-head of the lug. Threads are 9/16-18.



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