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1987 LeSabre Rear by-pass hose


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Want to replace the by-pass hoses in our 1987 LeSabre T-Type. There are two directly behind the serpentine belt. The forward one is OK. I was wondering if there is a trick to the rear mounted one. It looks like you need to remove the serpentine belt to loosen the forward clamp. Does this hose just pull out from behind the tensioner pulley assembly? Also, there is a short length of heater hose on the other side of the engine (LH side), that looks tricky to replace because of all of the stuff around it. Any hints on that one too?<P>Thanks in advance,

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I am trying to replace all of the hoses. Some of these are easier to replace. Specifically, I am looking for the trick to replace the rear by-pass heater hose (the one that is directly behind the PS Pump and belt tensioner assembly. The other one is a straight hose, that is surrounded by a lot of wires, hoses on the LH side.<P>Thanks,

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