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Looking for information on Shell Aero sign wings


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I have a local guy that stops by my shop and pedals car parts to me on occassion. Yesterday he came by with some photos of a pair of shell Aero wings he can get. I have a nice 1930's-1940's regular Shell automotive sign probably about 4 feet wide by 5-6 feet high. Is there a sign collector on here that knows if the 2 parts will fit together? My sign is at my Father's about 60 miles away so I can't try them on it. I have done some research on the web but can't find a photo of any large shell signs with the wings. I assume these have to be rare atleast to some extent. The guy thought they were enamelled but after seeing the photos, they look Porcelain to me. They look to be 6-8 feet long each.

Does anyone have a photo of a whole sign or any other info. about one? I think they are cool but hate to overpay for them. What are they worth? If I buy them,they are going to be mated with my sign if compatable and hung in my shop. Thanks for any help in advance.




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There were a lot of variations of Shell aviation signage over the years. Below is a link to a sign forum that's one of the best places to ask, including a thread similar to your situation:

Shell aviation center shark tooth sign - Primarily Petroliana Shop Talk

Thanks. That's a big help. I joined that forum. Hopefully I'll beable to figure more out once they approve my membership.

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