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This is off topic but a few of you know a second passion of mine is Harley Davidson motorcycles. I'm pretty pleased with myself for succesfully downloading my first " moving picture " onto YouTube!!

I posted this on a motorcycle forum I drop in on occasion but thought I would also share it with any Buick people who don't mind old Harleys, or just old home movies.

Decided it was time to share some great home movie footage taken back in the late 1940's.

A friend of mine was unloading rubbish at his local tip about 25 years ago and a previous dumper had thrown out a large quantity of old 8mm home movies. Luckily my friend is an antique motorcycle enthusiast and looking at a few frames on the spools he could see the subject appeared to be early motorcycle racing here in Western Australia.

He converted the home movies to VHS format and gave me a copy.

Amongst it is this 4 minute clip which I recently converted to DVD and posted it on YouTube so you can all see it.

I thought I would share it with all you early Knucklehead enthusiasts and would add the statute of limitations for any offences committed by the rider is long past!!

A lot of the speedway/round the houses movies show some footage of a knocklehead sidecar outfit being raced at the speedway and other venues so I am guessing this bike wound up on the racetrack.

Comments are welcome - and yes, I know none of us would treat our bike like this nowadays!!

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