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Circa 1927 Car to ID


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It is a 1927 Stearns-Knight G-8-85 Touring on the 137" wheelbase. This frame was shared with the 1927 F series 6 cylinder cars. The 137" J-8-90 and 145" Wheelbase J-8-90 were introduced in 1928. The 1928 and later H 137" wheelbase car frames were significantly different than the G and earlier frames. Additionally the G-8-85 (8cyl) radiator created some overheating problems for the first eight cyl. cars.The H and J series cars had a thicker radiator core. A factory service bulletin for the 1927 G-8-85 also addresses a heat issue, only this one for the front seat passengers. The cars left the factory with cast aluminum toe boards. They transmitted a significant amount of heat and were recalled and replaced with wooded toe boards.


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