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65 interior lights


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I tried searching for a thread that spoke of this, with no luck:

When the driver's side door is opened on my 65, the interior lights located in the upper back seat of the car do not come on.

When the passenger side door is opened, the same lights do come on.

My mechanic tells me that this is how they may have designed the car lighting system.

Is this true, or is there a wiring problem?

Thanks in advance,

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Dan, I don't have a '65, but try wiggling the door switch. In my '63, a set of lights sometimes don't come on and I have to wiggle the switch to get them to work. In the '63 there are 3 wire circuits going to the switch, so the internals on the switch aren't connecting to all 3 at once.

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Pull the jamb switch from the driver's side. Make sure that there are three wires connected to it. One wire controls the sail panel lights, one controls the console lights, and one controls the light over the glove box. There's a hot wire going to each lamp. Opening the door closes the ground wire at the switch creating a circuit. If one of the wires is dangling behind the door panel, you're not completing the circuit. If that's not it, you should be able to trace that wire to where it's broken.

I'll see if I can find the thread on this and pass it along.

Found it: http://forums.aaca.org/f177/first-gen-courtesy-lights-319466.html


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I just went through this on my '64 Riv and it was interesting. The door jamb switch on page 23 of the Clark's website looks very much like the switch sold on the OPGI web site. (Located here 1963-1965 Riviera - Door Jamb Switch For Dome Light/Courtesy Lamp - Perfect for dome and c (BR01493) | Interior Electrical | OPGI.com). Please note at for the OPGI switch it does not have an attach point for all three of your lighting leads. It only has one, which means that any interior light switch (courtesy, dome or floor switch) will operate ALL interior lights. It will work, just make sure this is what you want.

If you follow the link to the OPGI part listing you'll actually see their disclosure of this issue in the part listing.

I felt it wasn't right for me and I used the advertisements in the back of the most current issue of the Riview to find used switches from our community. I now have two 'new' used door jamb switch installed and working perfectly. And each of my interior controls operates only its intended circuit.

If you've not spent time disassembling the switch to find the problem I might suggest you start there. The operation of the switch is pretty self explanatory. With some cleaning and the help of an ohm meter you may be able to put your original switch back into service.

I kept my old broken switches, so if you find that you needs some minor part from a donor switch I would be happy to share.

Also, there is a gentleman, Paul, who advertises in the Review who repairs switches for a very fair price. However, my switches were not repairable and were in need of other 'doner' switches.


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