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Nice 1990 "Fixer-upper" convertible MAKE OFFER


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Year: 1990

Coupe: ____ Conv: X

Mileage: 124,2XX

Considered Correct? (Y/N) Yes

Location: Raleigh, NC

Title: Clear X Salvage____ Other___

Any Accident History? (Y/N) No

Asking Price: $6800 OBO

Willing to take trade (Y/N) No

Exterior Color: Red

Interior Color: Tan

Paint Original? (Y/N) No - Front end repainted before I bought it.

Paint Condition? Good. Back end could use some love

Belt & Bumper Molding Color: (Black/Body Color) Black

Body Dents: (Y/N) Yes

If Y where: One on hood, and a couple on rear deck lid and fender

Body Rust: (Y/N) None at all

Windshield Chipped or Cracked? Yes. two small chips

Vent Glass Intact? (Y/N) Yes

If N please describe which one is damaged and how damaged.

Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) good

(Coupe only) Rubber surround molding for rear window condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor)

Out Side Mirrors Intact? (Y/N) Yes

Headlight Motors Function Correctly? (Y/N) Yes - Rebuilt

Tail Light Lens: (Clear/Cloudy/Cracked) Clear

(Convertable only)

Convertable Top Material: (Vinyl or Cloth) Vinyl

Convertable Top Color? Tan

Convertable Top Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Fair

Please describe any flaws or problems with the convertible top. Two small holes on the passenger side. Still keeps water out well.

Interior Original? (Y/N) Yes

16 Way Seats? (Y/N) Yes

Works (Y/N)N Recline and lumbar are not functioning

Suede bolsters? (88 only) (Y/N)

Seat Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Fair

Drivers interior door panel condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Good

Passengers interior door panel condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor)Excellent

Center console top armrest condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Excellent ('91 version with cup holder

Door weather stripping condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Excellent

Headliner Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Excellent

Carpet Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Good

Original Floor Mats: (Y/N) Yes

Floor Mat Condition: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Excellent

Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Removed

Sun Roof? (Y/N)

Works? (Y/N)

Functional Keyless Entry? (Y/N) Yes

Both Remotes? (Y/N) No

Problems with Electronic Dash items? (Y/N) No

If Y describe problems:

Power Windows Work Correctly? (Y/N) Yes

Power Seats Work Correctly? (Y/N) Yes

Power Door Locks Work Correctly? (Y/N) Yes

Power Antenna Work Correctly? (Y/N) Yes

Original Sound System? (Y/N) New speakers all around

Factory CD Player? (90-91 only) (Y/N) Yes

Sound System Fully Functional? (Y/N) No CD player does not work

If N what are the problems (i.e. tape player, CD, speakers, noise):

Aftermarket Sound System Equipment? (Y/N) Yes

If Y describe: New speakers

A/C Functional? (Y/N) Yes

If N describe problem:

Has the A/C been converted from R12 to R134A? (Y/N) Yes

Does the suspension require any attention? (Y/N) No

If Y describe what is needed

Tire Brand: Michelin

Remaining Tread: 90%

Are All Tires Matched? (Y/N) Yes

Factory Wheels? (Y/N) Yes

If N describe the non stock wheel

Factory Wheel Center Caps Condition: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Good

Missing Caps? (____) number

Any Brake Components Replaced? (Y/N) Yes

If Y describe the part(s) replaced and when? New accumulator April 2012

Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? Unkown

Original Engine? (Y/N) Yes

If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement?

Original Engine Rebuilt? (Y/N) No

If Y when and how many miles ago?

Does Engine require attention? (Y/N) No

If Y what needs to be done.

When was last tune up? Unknown

Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? (Y/N) No

If Y describe in detail what is leaking, to what extent.

How often do you change the oil? 3,000 miles

Original Transmission? (Y/N) Yes

If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement?

Original Transmission Rebuilt? (Y/N) No

If Y when and how many miles ago?

Does Transmission require attention? (Y/N) No

If Y what needs to be done?

When was last Transmission Service? Unknown

Any Transmission Leaks? (Y/N)No

If Y to what extent?

Have CV joints been replaced? (Y/N) Unkown

If Y when and how many miles ago?

I have (all/most/some/no) receipts for this vehicle's service history.

(or, for example I have (all/most/some/no) receipts for service for the last ___ years and ______ miles)

Does the car have the owners manual portfolio? No - Smaller leather manual cover only

For 90/91 Reattas only, does the owners manual portfolio contain:

Craftsmen?s Log (Y/N)

Tire gauge (Y/N)

Flashlight (Y/N)

Buick Road Atlas (Y/N)

In General, What items need attention?

My Reatta Drives: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Excellent

I am the 4th? owner of this Reatta.

I have owned this Reatta for _____ Years and/or 3.5 Months.

Contact Me at 919 233 1973 or email me at


I have recent put new tires (Michelin), new door lock actuators, rebuilt headlight motors, new speakers, radio rebuilt, '91 center console arm rest (with cup holder), new ECM, among other things. I need to sell a car or two. Make an offer. Worst I can say is no! :)

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