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Front Fender I.D. Any Ideas ? HELP get these parts to someone who can use them !


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Although it looks VERY much like a Hillman Minx fender, I don't think it is. Minx fenders have a visible seam that runs vertically under the headlight down to the splashpan that's missing on these. Also the parking lights are usually slightly inboard of the headlights, not directly below them (Mark III, IV & V), or in the later cars where they are directly below the headlight (Mark Vi, VII, & VIII) they're larger and the grills shape is more oval than rectangular like this fender.



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The seam IS there & the lights ARE slightly inboard .... If you open my pic you can see the seam & tell the light is inboard.

My pic is a bit angled & the other side from the pic of the car ..... But I HAVE the fenders here & they are Minx For Sure.

Now maybe EBAY so they can go to someone who needs them ..... Hate EBAY ... They are CROOKS !

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