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1953 Roadmaster 4-dr sedan parts car with 322 in Virginia

Pete Phillips

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A BCA member in Virginia emailed to tell me that there is a 1953 Roadmaster 4-dr. sedan that has just come in, rough condition, probably for parts only, still has the 322 V-8, at Circle Auto Recycling, 4855 Puddledock Rd., Prince George, Virginia (near Petersburg, which is a little south of Richmond), phone 804-732-9253. Am told that this place goes through cars pretty quickly, and the car probably won't be there come September, so if someone wants some good '53 model 72 parts, and isn't too far away, here is your chance. The place has a web site, www.chesterfieldauto.com but no photos of the car.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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Checking the website, "No children allowed" and "Must wear shoes"........ I guess that leaves me out then.

If anyone goes, keep in mind I happen to collect '53-55 double and triple groove cast iron crankshaft pulleys. Not worth very much, just make great wall art. And also, if it has the typical ol' Stromberg 4 bbl carb, I guess I could take that off your hands too. wink.gif

Seriously if anybody goes, I'd be interested in at least those two items.

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