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Scuzzy here n I need some Help on What Fits!

Guest Scuzzy

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Guest Scuzzy

Hello All, Scuzzy here n I'm not the Best Schooled on these Computers but here We Go! I got a Stock 47 Ford Tudor with a Early 226 G 6 Cylinder, the Car is a Honney with 51,700 miles on it n it runs like a Top! I would love to put a Late Overdrive Tranny with a Sincro Low, all I see is adapter Bells for V8's but I think the 6 has the same set up on the rear of the Motor. Half a BellHousing on Block n Half on the Oil Pam-is it the same as the V8? My E-Mail is scuzzy@mtco.com, Thanks in addvance! Doug-Scuzzy

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