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Ukrainian Triangle Car Cruise

Guest RXN

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The 1st ever


JULY 28TH 2012

Meet at the Highway 16 Esso in Ardrossan, Alberta (East of Edmonton)

We will be leaving the ESSO @ 8 am.

  • [*=left]1st stop, Vegreville, we will cruise into see the Worlds largest Ukrainian Easter Egg.
    [*=left]2nd stop, St. Paul, we will check out Alberta's very own UFO landing pad.
    [*=left]3rd stop, Glendon, we will pull in at the Worlds largest Pyrogy, (lunch in Glendon).
    [*=left]4th stop, Vilna, we'll swing by The big 4H mushrooms.
    [*=left]5th stop, Smoky Lake, We'll park out front of the big Pumpkins.
    [*=left]6th stop, Andrew, We'll check out Alberta's biggest Duck.
    [*=left]7th stop, Mundare, where we will see the Worlds largest sausage.

I know it is a little more then a triangle, and when mapped out looks like a square, but it started off as just the Egg, Pyrogy, & Sausage, the 3 Ukrainian monuments in Alberta. then realized why just pass all these other ones and Not stop? so I tossed them in as places to stop. But I really liked the title Ukrainian Triangle, So Thats what it's called.

The Cruise will take all day, Planning on 10-20minutes at each stop and an hour for lunch, the total kilometres is 400km. All roads are paved, Cruise is a go, rain or shine.


(Bikes welcome as well)

This is a free event, bring the family, bring your friends, just come on out and cruise.

- Ryan Rexin


call or text 780 993 3119 for info

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