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'64 Riv Glove Box question

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Does anyone know where I can get all of the proper mounting hardware for a '64 Riv glove box liner? I've looked on most of the usual web sites and I've not found anything. (I've found the liners, but they do not appear to include the fasteners). post-85697-143139101723_thumb.jpg I'm looking for all of the mounting hardware, including the fastener for the bottom flange of the remote trunk release (where my finger is pointing). I have the fastener for the vertical mounting flange which you may be able to see in the photo. I need all of the other fasteners for all the other attaching points of the liner as well.

I'm a fairly new Riv owner (as of April of this year) and this is one of my first tasks. The glove box hadn't been opened in a decade or two, and I was determined to get it opened without bending the bottom-left corner of the glove box cover as I see in many cases. It took a long time but I finally succeeded and the fasteners are the last things I need to complete the work.

By the way, the remote trunk release still works perfectly, and I found the rubber cap to the trip odometer reset knob in the glove box, in addition to 15 years worth of maintenance receipts.

Thank you.


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