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1980 Riviera promotional video


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Guest Rob J
Always someone gotta be negative.

If you were referring to me, I didn't mean, and it wasn't my intention for it to come across as a negative comment. Sorry it seemed that way. I like the 79-85 Rivs. Was only commenting on how much they were really trying to push the FWD concept to customers in those days. I enjoyed watching that old LD video, and thanks for posting. Rob.

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Gotta love how they really tout the FWD as a good thing. LOL.

Front wheel drive, turbocharging - Buick has always been at the forefront of things to come that eventually become the standard for the industry.

If I remember an ad correctly, there were only four production cars that were turbocharged in 1976. A Porsche, A Saab, and two Buicks.


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Guest wildcat465
Your welcome. Always someone gotta be negative.

Yeah, the guys that haven't driven these cars don't know how nice they are. Whatta you do?

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Guest jwdtenn
It's opened a new repair idea for me, replacing the body mounts. I bet that would get rid of a considerable amount of road noise.

How complicated would that be to do? :confused: My '85 Riv is not as quiet as she used to be,

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I'm not sure but one of the things I liked about the video and other informational brochures on cars is the pictures of the frame with no body. That way I always have a good visual reference of what everything looks like and where it is when I get ready to look for it.

I will add that the BEST thing I did so far to improve/restore ride is buy quality high end personal luxury tires.

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