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1941 Dodge - Factory Photos & Proven/Known Correct Factory Info

1936 D2

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This upcoming series of threads is for the express purpose of collecting Factory Photos and Printed Copies of known correct or provable Factory Information concerning the early models of Dodge Automobiles and Trucks. This thread is in an effort to provide searchable, clear, and easily found information on this year of Dodge products.

This particular thread concerns the 1941 Dodge.

Please keep to the topic and only post KNOWN CORRECT INFORMATION. If you feel a correction is necessary to prior information, that would be considered a post pertinent to the thread and should be posted. Off topic questions or subjects can be asked to be removed.

Please post your contributions below!

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may be off topic but sounds like you want to write a book...will this information be available via a free data base? not sure of others but most don't like giving information for a private financial venture someone is going to profit from..

1941 D19 Business Coupe

1941 D19 Town Sedan Special

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Good question!

Nope. No books. Just trying to make info available here, in one easy place on the Forum, for search.

There have been LOTS of the same types of questions over time about "what is correct" for my 'XX Dodge and there is always a dribble of information garnered from those questions. I am attempting to get people to share the photos and factory information that they have here so people new to the hobby can have a centralized place to search for AND FIND info about their particular model of Dodge car / light duty trucks.

The only people I plan to "profit" from this venture are those looking for specific "correct" info about their favorite early Dodge vehicle.

Thanks for any help you could give!

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You know, I probably would have but I never gave that angle a thought. Now that I read back on how I worded the first sentence it could seem that "I" was "collecting" this info. Not at all.

"I" am just trying to facilitate the exchange of info here. I have been on the Forum for a while now and have seen the same questions over and over. I have tried to encourage people to post photos of what they are discussing or trying to get at with limited success. So I decided to "take the bull by the horns" and directly ask readers to contribute what they have for the benefit of future readers.

I'm sure you have figured out at some point how to do a search on a Forum for a tighter more specific information about your car and one of those searches was just the year of your car. I was hoping this type of search would bring that person to these photos, of his particular car year and model, and that would then be a "gold mine" of information for him. It would also be used to further future questions by assisting people to be able to refer to these photos or information during discussions. And in a side benefit to the AACA Forum Servers, there could be lees copies of any particular ones of these photos clogging up the server when people could just refer to them on these posts and not have to post duplicates.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. (Hope others read this too!)

Also hope you feel better about posting some stuff on your '41's!

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