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1933 Dodge - Factory Photos & Proven/Known Correct Factory Info

1936 D2

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This upcoming series of threads is for the express purpose of collecting Factory Photos and Printed Copies of known correct or provable Factory Information concerning the early models of Dodge Automobiles and Trucks. This thread is in an effort to provide searchable, clear, and easily found information on this year of Dodge products.

This particular thread concerns the 1933 Dodge.

Please keep to the topic and only post KNOWN CORRECT INFORMATION. If you feel a correction is necessary to prior information, that would be considered a post pertinent to the thread and should be posted. Off topic questions or subjects can be asked to be removed.

Please post your contributions below!

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Guest 36 roadster ute


The first image is a '33 Dodge chassis unit as delivered to Australia in Brisbane for Austral Motors to be fitted with locally built truck body. The next one is of two as deivered utes. Factory? This is as factory as you get for an Australian built Dodge.


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There ya go! That's what I'm looking for. The only thing that would make them better is to have been scanned at a bit higher resolution so they could be blown up by the reader. Otherwise, cool!

Australian, Canadian, European, So American, African, what ever - all important info concerning the differences with export models from the Domestic versions!


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