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Corrossion Prevention sprays

Joe Block

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Any one ever used the product it by Mid western called Corrosion block, they say it was developed for the military sprays, greases, etc.

My link

I am looking for something to spray on my Packard rusty parts that the moisture is getting to old mechanical electrical switches, and battery terminals, generators. mechanical relays


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Actually I have been looking at corrosion preventative sprays recently, mainly looking for a product that will dirve out moisture and protect the material (Metal Components) from the elements i.e. rust. Being in the Engineering Realm I always turn the the MSDS and see what is in there.


Looks like it is basically an oil mist in a can with some propellant. I would try to find something that has an inhibitor in there to prevent corrosion.

I found that CRC Industries makes a LARGE selection of cleaners & inhibitors !!

also have to look at the safety of using certain products around plastic and paint as some attack the components.

Look At CRC Wire Dryer [ Search results for "05104" | CRC Industries ] it is used to drive out moisture, protect the items, and safe on most plastics. used in ignition systems to dry them out. Also leaves a light oil coat to protect and it icludes an inhibitor !

if you want heavy duty look at the marine line or Heavy Duty lines. Lots of items that may work... I am using the CRC Power Lube Multi Purpose to protect the bolts and hardware on my 1930 as it contains oil and inhibitors. Good for keeping the moisture out and providing a coatingto protect, but not leaving and oily film (Slimy).

Hope this helps you out some...

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