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Another unknown wheel, possibly 30's Chevy truck...


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This wheel came with a group of parts for a mid 30's Chevy 1-1/4 ton truck, but I'm not sure if that's what it fits because there were a few wheels of different sizes. The tire on this wheel is 8.25-20, the hub is 6-1/4" in diameter, and the lug holes are 3/4" in diameter. Does anybody have an idea of what this wheel will fit? (In a separate post, I am also including another wheel that was included with this group of parts. It is very similar, but has slightly different dimensions.) Thanks in advance for your help!





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Guest De Soto Frank

Not 1930's.

It is probably GM; Looks to me like a 1947 - later two-piece wheel: splits in the middle of the center-channel; these are often referred to as "widow-makers".

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